Blog-share: Overcoming Fear in Recovery

Okay, so I know I said this blog was for my own thoughts and experiences but here’s the thing: I think about what other people say, too. Many other people talk or share about matters that never occurred to me, and as I read, I think. What better way, then, to grow as a reader than to respond to what I read?

So, here I go.

This is a blogger I’ve followed for a while now, and this post came at a perfect time (earlier this week) when I was suffering from lethargy compounded with anxiety over my writing and writing with my editor (no fault of his). I deal with anxiety on a regular basis, but only every two months or so is it bad enough to leave me empty of all energy. So this post came as a relief to me to read.

I’ll grant that her context for fear is very different from mine. She was in recovery after anorexia (it’s not a secret, it’s the reason for her blog) and she shares her experiences both in the throes of the disease and in recovery. But her struggles are human, and so her posts are rather universal in application.

So, read this over, leave a comment for her, and consider this question after you’ve finished:

Are there some things we should simply remain afraid of?

Side note: in my upcoming book, there is actually a part where the main character confronts Fear incarnate. He undoes Fear in a very similar way to what the article describes. The book doesn’t cover it deeply, but I was surprised to find such a thing outside of my own mind.

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One thought on “Blog-share: Overcoming Fear in Recovery

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  1. Phobia is irrational fear. That tells me that there is such a thing as ‘rational fear’ (also the saying “only an imbecile is completely fearless”) I think that there ARE things to fear. But we don’t need to let fear paralyze us; God is in complete control–and he loves us! “In all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.” That’s powerful stuff there!
    Yes, there is a place for fear: fesr of broken bones keeping little boys from trying to fly, fear of burns keeping people from playing too much with fire, fear of disappointing our loved ones keeping us from misbehaving….. But as she points out, the Bible says “fear not” so many times. God is in control of all things in this life. And when we die, we go home to him.


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